Itching Legs?

When To Treat Varicose Veins:

Would you think itching would be the best indicator of the need for treatment? As varicose veins slowly and gradually get worse as time goes by, how do you determine when they should be treated?  

It is not a problem like appendicitis.  Failure to immediately treat acute appendicitis can result in serious consequences, even death.  

There is frequently a rapid deterioration with the risk of rupture. The body will cope at times even in these situations.  But the risks of not surviving are high.

Is there a similar situation in varicose veins?  

Generally they do not tend to be life-threatening, But they can lead to a lot of pain and trouble. Itchy legs is a good indication that you need to get yourself examined as soon as possible! Here at the Alpha Vein Clinic Las Vegas we will take the time needed to make sure you get the treatment you need.  Itching is a very aggravating symptom of varicose veins and spider veins.  Many people seen in our vein clinic have tried many treatments. However, most people have not been successful in getting rid of the annoying itch.  In fact, some people have scratched so hard they have broken skin.  Many of our vein clinic patients are surprised to find out that itching is a very common early symptom of venous insufficiency.

Gradual Vein Deterioration:

The natural history of varicose veins would seem to suggest that the earlier you treat them the better.  With their inexorable gradual deterioration they will only get worse with time.  

Because they are interconnected, one damaged vein will produce damaging effects in connected veins.  Gradually the effect spreads to involve more and more vessels.

some people can live all their lives with varicose veins, even quite bad looking ones, and never seem to suffer any ill effects.  They may not even complain of any annoying symptoms.  

Interestingly, though, when you treat such people, they nearly always notice health improvements.  It may be better exercise tolerance – they can climb long flights of stairs without stopping, whereas they stopped repeatedly before treatment. Or they notice they can stand for long periods without their legs feeling tired.  They might notice they have a lot more energy and just an overall better quality of life.


The exact cause of the itching has been extensively studied and now it is felt that the increased venous pressure causes the dermal (skin) capillaries (tiny blood vessels) to leak causing scarring and eventually decreased oxygen levels in the skin.  This sequence of reactions causes the skin to itch.  Many people feel the itching is not a serious problem.  However, if the itching is secondary to venous insufficiency, this is a symptom that should be treated before worse skin lesions develop.  If venous stasis dermatitis is left untreated, eventually the skin will not heal and venous stasis ulcers can develop.

Clinical evaluation by us here at the Alpha Vein Clinic and a venous duplex ultrasound are your next step. The vein mapping ultrasound defines which vessels are causing the problem and a treatment plan can be made specifically for you.  Minimally invasive varicose veins and spider veins treatments are available.  You do not need to live with that annoying vein insufficiency itch.  Our Las Vegas area vein clinic is available to answer your questions.  We can be reached at  (702) 430 7661.

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