IPL Acne Treatment

Intense Pulse Light Therapy to treat Acne

IPL is a gentle treatment for inflammatory acne that:

  • Eliminates bacteria within pores
  • Improves skin appearance
  • Is a great alternative to oral medication
  • Helps you regain self-confidence with minimal downtime, so you can get back to your busy lifestyle in a flash

IPL is a cosmetic procedure that uses light to treat various skin issues, including acne. IPL works by targeting the sebaceous glands and bacteria that contribute to acne.


What sets us apart from our competitors in IPL Acne Treatment?


The Lumenis® IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) Acne treatment enables us to greatly improve your skin appearance, and reduce your acne, while at the same time treating the redness and pigmentation of your skin. IPL is a non-invasive solution to inflammatory acne with fewer collateral effects than oral medication.

Not all IPLs are the same though. The unique Lumenis® IPL technology utilizes OPT (Optimum Pulse Therapy) to emit light flashes over the treated area, triggering a biochemical response that will eventually kill the acne bacteria (Cutibacterium acnes) within the pores and reducing the inflammation or sebum excess (skin oil) production that characterizes acne.

Another great advantage of our IPL acne treatment over other IPL devices is that we use a special notch filter specially designed for inflammatory acne stages. It exerts the IPL energy at two different wavelengths and blocks the middle. It is a great solution for patients who do not want or are not compatible with topical or oral medications. The 400-600 nm wavelength energy can target porphyrin and destroy C. acnes (formerly called P. Acnes). At the same time, the 800-1200 nm wavelength can exert an anti-inflammatory effect and destroy sebaceous glands.

The special IPL by Lumenis exploits the photosensitivity of C. acnes residing in the pilosebaceous units at lower wavelengths and induces anti-inflammatory effects by influencing cytokine release at higher wavelengths. Studies have shown great success in the clinical safety and efficacy of this novel dual-band “notch” acne filter (400-600nm and 800-1200nm) in improving inflammatory and non-inflammatory lesions in patients presenting with mild-to-moderate acne.

It will take a series of treatments to kill the bacteria, depending on the severity. To achieve optimal results, it may take typically 3-4 sessions with a recess of 1-2 weeks in between treatments. After each treatment, we will give recommendations and direction as to how to take care of the skin to minimize recurrence and flare-ups.

What is The Stellar M22™ Acne solution?


The Stellar M22™ IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) Acne treatment enables us to greatly improve your skin appearance, and reduce your acne while treating the redness and pigmentation of your skin at the same time. The unique Stellar M22™ IPL technology utilizes light flashes over the treated area, triggering a biochemical response that will eventually eliminate the bacteria within the pores. IPL is a non-invasive solution for inflammatory acne with fewer collateral effects than oral medication.


Is IPL acne treatment right for me?


Our IPL treatments are not suitable for everyone and may carry some risks. IPL for acne is not suitable when you have active viral or fungal skin conditions or skin cancer. Risks may include redness, swelling, and change of pigmentation. Be sure to consult with our provider Dr. Sassan Kaveh before choosing this treatment at any location.

What should I expect after IPL Acne treatment?

When will I see the results?


During the Stellar M22™ IPL acne treatment, short pulses of intense light are emitted from an applicator onto your skin. The light penetrates through various skin layers and helps eliminate acne bacteria and reduce the inflammation or sebum excess (skin oil) production that characterizes acne. Depending on the acne severity, it may take typically 4-6 sessions with a recess of 4 weeks in between treatments to see improvement on your skin.


What can I expect after IPL Acne treatment?

Immediately following treatment, you may experience some redness, depending on your customized treatment settings. The redness will usually disappear within a few hours. In women’s cases, makeup may be applied immediately, and daily activities can be resumed the very same day. We may advise you to stay out of direct sun for a few weeks following the treatment and to apply sun screen regularly.

How does IPL treat Acne?


IPL is one of the most commonly administered forms of light therapy in dermatological applications. IPL systems are designed to deliver many rapid, highly intense, and controlled pulses of light – the controlled pulsing prevents thermal damage to your skin
and minimizes discomfort. IPL technology treats your acne with specific wavelengths of light targeting bacteria in the skin, as well
as inflamed sebaceous glands that contribute to breakouts. IPL energy (at various wavelengths) is also used to selectively destroy
pigment clusters, blood-filled capillary veins, or hair, depending on the intended nature of the treatment.

Here’s a general overview of how IPL can be used for acne treatment:

  1. Bacterial Reduction: IPL emits specific wavelengths of light that target and destroy the bacteria (Propionibacterium acnes) responsible for acne.
  2. Reduction of Inflammation: IPL can help reduce inflammation in the skin, which is often associated with acne lesions.
  3. Sebum Reduction: IPL may also have an impact on the sebaceous glands, reducing the production of excess oil (sebum) that can contribute to acne.

It’s important to note that while some people may see improvement in their acne with IPL, individual results can vary. The effectiveness of the treatment depends on factors such as the type and severity of acne, skin type, and individual response.

Here at Alpha Medical Aesthetics, we apply cold coupling gel to the treatment area to ensure the utmost comfort. Depending on your specific concern, you can expect the session to last 15-20 minutes. You may experience a warm sensation as the light is applied to the skin, but the treatment is gentle and should not feel uncomfortable.

If you’re considering IPL for acne treatment, come and consult with Dr. Sassan Kaveh who will assess your skin condition and provide personalized advice, and determine whether IPL is a suitable option for you. Additionally, he can discuss potential risks, side effects, and the number of sessions required for optimal results. We also offer after-treatment skincare products for optimal results. Check out our line of suggested skincare and get the best aftercare suggestions by consulting our physician.