Another Success Story of Varicose Vein Treatment

This patient showed up at our office with varicose veins.

(See right) They were very painful and uncomfortable. After a thorough evaluation and an ultrasound it was cleared that the patient had symptomatic chronic venous insufficiency (CVI) but the previous conservative treatments including NSAIDS, pain meds, rest, exercise such as walking and leg elevations had failed. The patient also had tried pressure stockings for several months but had no significant improvements. At that time, this patient was a very good candidate for Radiofrequency Ablation, for if it was left untreated, the patient’s symptoms would have not been alleviated and normal venous function would not be re-established and more complications would have most likely pursued.

It uses heat to scar the inside of the vein so it then seals up. Healthy blood ways can then find a way down the leg and back up to the heart.


The patient had a little soreness in his legs one week post procedure, but was thrilled. Less than a month after procedures the patient was doing very well and no longer had any pain, edema or cramps. The cosmetic part took longer but the varicosities were finally gone and legs had significantly improved. (See bottom right)

This patient was quite active. It’s a common misconception that Varicose veins only affect older people who don’t spend time on their feet, but that was not the case for this patient and isn’t for many others. When it comes to the procedure, the chances of success are higher with a doctor who is experienced with this treatment. Radiofrequency has a 97% success rate. Radiofrequency ablation treatment also has a lot shorter recovery time than that of vein surgery.


The newest treatment in varicose vein healing is Clarivein. We offer this option as well at Alpha Vein Clinic. This procedure, like Radiofrequency ablation is minimally invasive, it works by chemically destroying the inner lining of the vein. This will cause the vein to close off and cease blood flow. Recovery time is faster than ever with this new technique.

We have so many other success stories at Alpha Vein Clinic. If you or a loved one is looking for a successful treatment to assist with damaged and painful veins, make an appointment with Dr. Kaveh today.

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