Back to school means back to you!

If you have had a long summer with the kids, you may be experiencing leg fatigue after frequently being on your feet and you may even be suffering from a progressive medical condition called Chronic Venous Insufficiency (CVI).


Chronic venous insufficiency occurs when the valves that move the blood from the legs to the heart fail to function properly. The blood pools in the legs and causes them to feel tired and heavy. This particular cause of leg fatigue is very common. Other associated symptoms of CVI include leg swelling, cramps, visibly swollen and protruding veins and itchy, restless legs. Alpha Vein Clinic can diagnose this condition with expert experience and precise ultrasound imaging. It is important to seek treatment because by improving the blood circulation in your legs, the symptoms that cause strain in your daily life will significantly decrease.

Already have painful varicose veins and have just been putting off treatment? There are several reasons why this is the perfect time to schedule your treatment. More time kids everywhere are heading back to school for an exciting new year. During the summer, parents are busy keeping up with the hustle of theme parks, pool partiess, traveling and barbeques. With the kids going back to school in the fall, comes more time for mothers (and fathers) to focus on themselves and other aspects of their lives. Finally getting your vein disease treated can make a big positive impact on your daily life. Just imagine no more aching, cramping, heavy or painful legs. Scheduling an appointment with a vein specialist is the first step to healthy legs!

The weather is just right

Fall brings cooler weather which makes it more comfortable to get treatments. You can easily wear compression stockings after your procedure and recover during the colder months. Come springtime, you will be ready to reveal your varicose vein free legs and get back to your outdoor activities with ease.

You’re covered!

Did you know that vein treatments are covered by most medical insurance carriers? At this time of year, most people have already met their deductibles which brings the out of pocket costs to a minimum. Alpha Vein Clinic accepts most major insurance providers which cover both of the treatments we offer: Radiofrequency Ablation and, the latest procedure, ClariVein. Our treatments are minimally invasive and offer quick recovery times.

Get your life back this fall

Taking the time to take care of your leg vein issues means you can attend school activities, fund raisers and sports events without struggling to stay on your feet. No more needing to rest your legs or dreaming of putting your feet up at the end of the day. Parents, after treatment you will finally be able to keep up with your kid’s schedules and with the new technology we have at Alpha Vein Clinic, your diagnosis will be accurate, your treatment will be simple and your recovery time will be minimal.

Call the Alpha Vein Clinic today and let Dr Sassan Kaveh and his compassionate staff get you back on the same page with your family and everyday activities. We are here to help.

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