Carol’s Testimonial

Carol E and the ClariVein Procedure.

Carole - Alpha Vein Clinic Las Vegas - Restless Legs

Carol E. was experiencing symptoms of venous insufficiency in her right leg when she came to visit us at Alpha Vein Clinic. Her leg was extremely swollen, needing to wear a bigger shoe size on her right foot. She says of her symptoms, “I had large knotty type veins that ran from the lower part of my leg right up over my knee and into my thigh.” Her legs were also restless and fatigued. Carol had the Clarivein procedure at Alpha Vein Clinic and experienced “minimal discomfort”.

For 350 years varicose veins have been treated with surgical procedures; invasive vein stripping and painful recovery. Laser techniques and Radio Frequency Ablation, were then introduced, with much less pain involved. Carol, underwent the ClariVein procedure which is the newest technology in treating Varicose Veins. The ClariVein procedure is currently covered only by medicare, however it is most certainly the future of varicose vein treatment. Carol was pleasantly surprised by her results with this new technique.

Carol found Alpha Vein Clinic by searching for the most minimally invasive procedure for her leg veins. Carol comments, “(After) having something that profound done, that I thought would be very overwhelming… I’ve hardly even noticed any side effects from it.” Three weeks after her procedure Carol explains what it is like to gain back the health of her legs, saying her results “are magnificent”.

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