How to choose a Vein Clinic

When you decide to start looking for a vein clinic, it’s important to keep a few things in mind. Varicose and spider veins can be an indicator of a more serious underlying problem, so it is important to get help if you have them. Even if it is not life-threatening, vein disease symptoms such as pain, aching, and cramping can interfere with your daily life.

Take a deeper look:

First thing to watch out for is looks are not everything, and in this case they can be deceiving. Don’t just pick a clinic because you like it’s appearance. Some may look like a pretty and serene spa, but just because it’s aesthetically pleasing doesn’t mean it’s right for your medical procedure. When seeking a vein clinic, you are looking for medical help which means a fully licensed doctor with proven experience.

Which treatment is best for you?

Another important aspect of picking the right vein clinic is to keep in mind that all clinics offer different kinds of services. It is all about your personal needs, so make sure you research exactly what you are looking for. Some clinics still use forms of treatment that have longer recovery times and have higher rates of complications such as endovenous laser ablation which can only treat veins above the knee. At Alpha Vein Clinic, we offer minimally invasive techniques such as radio frequency ablation (RF) and the latest procedure, ClariVein which is virtually painless and requires very little recovery time.

Both of these treatments can safely and effectively treat the diseased vein starting from below the knee. Clinical results indicate that these procedures can be effective at closing the vein and significantly reducing patient symptoms.The RF procedure has proven to be highly effective, with 87% of veins treated remaining closed at 5 years. In our experience, there is rarely any recurrence of venous reflux or any of the symptoms in the treated veins.

The vein specialist you choose should have state-of- the-art equipment that diagnoses and treats vein disease in the least invasive way possible. Ultrasound equipment is commonly used to diagnose vein conditions, and at Alpha Vein Clinic, we have an experienced ultrasound tech on hand to assist in diagnosing the specific diseased veins and during the procedure itself.

Financing your treatment is also important. When you choose a vein clinic, you should check to see if the specific clinic takes your medical insurance. At Alpha Vein Clinic, our procedures are covered by most medical insurance carriers including Medicare and many others. Our dedicated staff keeps you informed so there will be no financial surprises should you choose to move forward with treatment.

Referrals and Recommendations:

If you are still unsure of which vein clinic will be the best choice for you, start asking others where they go for their vein treatments. Often, the best recommendations come from people who have had the treatments themselves. You can also ask the vein clinic you are considering for references from past patients, or to view “before” and “after” photos of patients that have received treatments from the provider in the past. (Click on the link to view Alpha Vein Clinic’s patient testimonials http://alphaveinclinic.com/testimonials/).

What you can expect if you decide to choose Alpha Vein Clinic for your procedure

1. A thorough medical consultation and evaluation

2. Venous ultrasound of the legs for proper diagnosis

3. Radiofrequency Ablation or ClariVein – to treat the diseased vein with a team approach using ultrasound guidance. Utilizing Compression Stockings – for two weeks post procedure to optimize healing Serial Venous Ultrasounds – to monitor the progression of the recovery and to watch for potential complications.

When choosing a vein clinic, there are many choices, but the vein clinic with your health and best interest at heart is the one to work with. We wish you luck on your journey to finding help with your leg vein health. Call Alpha Vein Clinic today at (702)430-7661 and let Dr Sassan Kaveh and his caring staff help you to see if we are the right clinic for you. You will find that we are an excellent choice in Las Vegas.

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