ClariVein Ablation FAQs: The Newest Technique for Varicose Vein Treatment

Varicose veins are a medical condition that can lead to many unpleasant symptoms, but recent medical advances have made varicose vein treatment easier and more effective than before. ClariVein Ablation is the latest varicose vein treatment, and offers numerous advantages over traditional methods. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about ClariVein Ablation.

What Makes ClariVein Ablation Different from other methods?

Clarivein Ablation involves a unique patented catheter with a rotating tip. The rotating tip allows for a much more even application of the sclerosing chemical to seal the affected vein. Unlike other ablation techniques, ClariVein does not require the use of heat.

What are the advantages of ClariVein Ablation?

  • Effective and safe technique with no pain
  • Minimal discomfort & negligible bruising
  • No risk of thermal (heat) damage as there may be with techniques such as laser or radio frequency ablation
  • No risk of nerve or skin damage
  • No multiple needle stick injuries (no tumescent anaesthetic is required)
  • No internal leg pressure
  • Rapid return to normal activities

In addition to allowing for a more even and effective application of the sclerosing chemical, the ClariVein is also reported to be much less painful than other methods. Since the ClariVein procedure does not use heat, there is no need for the use of tumescent anaesthetic along the length of the leg. This is potentially an uncomfortable part of the Laser or Radio Frequency Ablation procedure due to multiple needle sticks and the internal pressure of the anaesthetic on the leg (usually between 250ml and 400ml of fluid are pumped into the leg causing it to swell).

With lasers and radio frequency, tumescent anaesthetic is an essential part of the procedure as it prevents heat reaching into the body and causing thermal injury. With ClariVein, this is not needed so the risk of it not being done well is completely eliminated.

Studies have also shown that patients reported significantly less pain during the ClariVein procedure than patients undergoing similar treatments.

Since the procedure does not require heat or multiple injections, it can usually be done much quicker and with far less bruising and recovery time. In addition, the absence of heat means a drastically reduced risk of nerve damage.

Is ClariVein Ablation safe?

Available data supports ClariVein Ablation as being both safe and effective, with no major complications after the procedure. The overwhelming majority of patients showed continued success in follow-up appointments.

How long does the procedure take?

In clinical trials, the average ClariVein procedure was performed in about 20 minutes. While times may vary depending on your individual needs, you can expect the procedure to be quick and convenient.

How soon can I resume normal activity?

Due to the lack of heat and smaller catheter, many patients are able to rapidly resume normal activities. For a few weeks following the treatment, we may recommend a regular walking regimen and suggest you refrain from very strenuous activities (heavy lifting, for example) or prolonged periods of standing.

Who is eligible for ClariVein treatment?

Currently, the procedure is only covered by Medicare, United health care (PPO) and Loomis (PPO) and will hopefully be available under other plans in the future. You should also see a vein specialist to discuss which treatment option is right for you.

ClariVein offers numerous advantages over other varicose vein treatments, and shows promise of becoming the new standard in varicose vein treatment.

Dr. Kaveh is one of the only physicians in Nevada who is trained to perform the ClariVein Ablation procedure. To learn more about ClariVein Ablation, or varicose vein treatment, contact the office of Dr. Kaveh at (702) 233-1849 to schedule a consultation!