ClariVein – The Future of CVI Treatment

If you suffer from Chronic Venous Insufficiency or any symptoms associated with it, you have significantly more treatment options available to you than in the past. In fact, thanks to recent technological and medical advances, today CVI treatments are far less invasive than those used just a few years ago, and are also less painful and require less recovery time. Alpha Vein Clinic is thrilled to offer one of those treatments, ClariVein, which is easier on patients and offers quick and effective healing.

What is ClariVein?

ClariVein of MOCA (Mechanical Occlusion Chemically Assisted) is the newest technique for Varicose Veins treatment. MOCA uses ClariVein cathete and unlike some other vein therapies, there’s no risk of heat damage or damage to the skin or nerves in this treatment method. Plus, it’s not painful, is known to be safe, and offers a quick recovery time. With ClariVein, you’ll be able to return to your normal everyday activities not long after treatment. Plus, it’s covered by Medicare, and a growing number of insurance companies, which makes it more accessible to more patients.

How ClariVein Works

ClariVein provides a targeted vein treatment. It works by delivering a chemical directly to the vein to close it. It uses a specialty infusion catheter and does not require anesthesia. The catheter is inserted into a tiny, pin-sized hole that’s much smaller than the ones required by other treatment methods. The catheter has a rotating wire that delivers the chemical right to the vein for rapid and effective closure. Because ClariVein requires no anesthesia, the overall treatment process is less painful than other options. Other methods, especially those that use heat, typically require the use of tumescent in order to prevent burn in the tissue, which requires multiple needle sticks. The repeated needle insertion causes pain, as does the insertion of the tumescent, which can cause the legs to swell temporary as well as internal pressure in the leg.

Effectiveness of ClariVein

For hundreds of years, surgery was the primary or only treatment option for Chronic Venous Insufficiency, varicose veins, and related vein problems. However, in the last few years other methods have entered the scene and become the go-to treatment option for physicians who specialize in treating vein problems. This includes ClariVein, which is FDA-approved and shown to be both safe and effective in data gathered over past years.

At Alpha Vein Clinic, we offer several treatment options for Chronic Venous Insufficiency, including ClariVein. Don’t let CVI cause you pain or inhibit your daily activities any longer; instead, book an appointment today with Alpha Vein Clinic, and let our knowledgeable and caring staff create a CVI treatment plan tailored just for you.

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