Importance of Compression Stockings for Leg Health

 Maintaining the health of your legs is very important especially if you are more susceptible to vein disease. Preventative measures such as the use of compression stockings to support blood circulation can be an easy way to be proactive about your leg vein wellness.

Poor blood circulation can lead to a number of health issues including Chronic Venous Insufficiency (CVI) and varicose veins, but the use of compression stockings can help prevent symptoms of CVI and also alleviate the pain associated with the condition.

What are compression stockings?

Compression stockings are a vital accessory when it comes to encouraging proper blood flow in the legs. The stockings are firm, elastic socks that provide measured pressure to the lower legs to help circulate blood to the heart and improve venous return. They are usually tightest at the foot and gradually loosen as they fit higher on the leg. The socks come in a variety of pressures, colors and lengths, with options of full pantyhose, thigh high and knee high among the most popular options. For those with more serious symptoms, special compression stockings can be purchased from a medical supply store (with a doctor’s prescription), where you can be fitted for them. Many vein specialists also conveniently offer them at their office for purchase.

Benefits of compression stockings

Compression stockings help relieve the symptoms of and may slow the progress of varicose veins. These symptoms include: aches, heaviness, swelling in the legs, and cramping. Aside from preventing the pain associated with CVI, compression stockings have a number of additional health benefits. With proper and regular use, the stockings can improve venous blood flow, prevent blood from pooling in the legs and decrease the risk of blood clots. Doctors often recommend that you wear the stockings during the day to help relieve symptoms.

After vein treatments

It has been clinically proven that minimally invasive vein treatments, including radiofrequency ablation and MOCA (mechanochemical endovenous ablation), such as the ClariVein procedure, combined with effective compression can heal treated veins faster and with fewer recurrences. Compression stockings are essential to a successful recovery and prevent adverse side effects after surgery, assist in the healing process and maximize results of therapy. They also reduce the risk of deep vein thrombosis. Your physician will determine how long you should wear compression stocking after your vein treatments. Typically, it is required for the first 24 hours and about 2 weeks when you are not sleeping.

Compression stockings are very effective for maintaining leg vein health both before and after vein treatments. If you’re experiencing uncomfortable pain in your legs or have any other symptoms that we have discussed in this post, call Alpha Vein Clinic and let Dr Sassan Kaveh and his caring team get you on a treatment plan that best suits your needs. To schedule a consultation, contact us at (702)430-7661.

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