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Do you hate wearing those dreadful stockings after your vein treatments and procedures? We may have a good solution for you if this sounds familiar! We have our newest procedure VenaSeal that makes skipping this step NO PROBLEM!

VenaSeal is the latest advancement in varicose vein treatment to be approved for use by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). VenaSeal closes problematic superficial veins using a medical grade adhesive, or glue.

Medical adhesives have been used elsewhere in the body for decades to close down abnormal arteries and vascular formations, and are now being used to permanently close varicose veins.

When compared to other closure methods such as heat or radiofrequency, VenaSeal has many post procedure advantages!


After your VenaSeal procedure:

  • COMPRESSION: After VenaSeal, compression stockings are not formally required. However, you might find there is some inflammation from the adhesive and support might make your legs feel more comfortable.
  • BATHING: You may bathe 8 hours after the procedure. This gives tie for the small incision to seal. Do not rub or scrub your incision directly.
  • PAIN & MEDICATIONS: Some inflammation, tenderness, ad bruising is common. It is not uncommon to have slightly more tenderness during the second week after the procedure. Most discomfort can be relieved by Tylenol or Ibuprofen.

* There is no reason one cannot take medicine like Ibuprofen or Naproxen after ClosureFast.

  • EXERCISE & ACTIVITY: You should at least walk every day after your VenaSeal procedure 30 minutes a day, but preferably more like an hour a day. Avoid strenuous activity 3 to 5 days after procedure.
  • FOLLOW-UP: Follow-up is 3 days after the procedure (the last one if you are having more than one procedure). At this visit, you will have a post-procedure ultrasound. You will receive an appointment for follow up after your procedure.

Here at the Alpha Vein Clinic we are the only vein clinic in the Las Vegas area to have all of the three procedures available. We are excited to help you get started loving your legs again! Call us today at (702) 430 7661. We will make you feel comfortable and secure. Schedule today at Alpha Vein Clinic Las Vegas.

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