Symptoms of venous insufficiency may include areas of darkening or discoloration of the lower leg, ankle or foot. A brownish pigment caused by the breakdown of blood hemoglobin and the iron content in red blood cells. The discoloration might look like a brownish or purplish bruise or cloudy area just beneath the skin surface.

Like varicose and spider veins are a sign of venous insufficiency. Skin discoloration should be examined immediately and treated to prevent more serious problems in the future.  Discoloration or darkening of the lower leg, ankle or foot is often an indicator of malfunctioning veins which compromise the return of blood from the leg to the heart, resulting in the pooling of blood which can eventually cause discoloration .

Most patients notice the initial build-up of non-returned blood as a sensation of heavy, tired legs at the end of the day. Over time, this buildup can result in varicose veins, spider veins, swelling, leg discomfort  and venous insufficiency.

Left untreated, venous insufficiency can become chronic venous insufficiency leading to more serious health issues including leg and foot ulcers which do not heal.  After a thorough screening and examination, to confirm the cause, discoloration is  treated using the same office-based, non-invasive, endovascular laser or radiofrequency procedures used for varicose veins. The treatment requires no downtime or anesthesia and is usually covered by health insurance.  If you have symptoms, it is best to come into the Alpha Vein Clinic as soon as possible for evaluation and to get the treatment you need before the condition gets worse!

How is  venous insufficiency and skin discoloration treated or managed?

Like any disease, venous insufficiency is most treatable in its earliest stages. The Alpha Vein Clinic Las Vegas typically recommends a combination of treatments for people with venous insufficiency. Some of the basic treatment strategies include:

  • Avoid long periods of standing or sitting: If you must take a long trip and will be sitting for a long time, flex and extend your legs, feet, and ankles as much as you can to keep the blood flowing in the leg veins. If you need to stand for long periods of time, take frequent breaks to sit down and elevate your feet.
  • Exercise regularly. Walking is especially great for your overall vein health.
  • Start making the changes you can to lose weight if you are overweight.
  • Elevate your legs while sitting and lying down, with your legs elevated above the level of your heart.
  • Wear compression stockings ( Consult your doctor)
  • Practice good eating habits and drink water.

The goals of treatment are to reduce the pooling of blood and prevent leg ulcers in the future from forming.

Here at Alpha Vein Clinic majority of our patients have enjoyed a wonderful benefit by undergoing the minimally invasive procedures needed to get there veins back to health. Dr. Sassan Kaveh is an expert in treating venous insufficiency and the related symptoms. Call (702) 430-7661 to learn more about treatment options to get rid of your vein pain and irritating skin discoloration..

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