A vein clinic can help get rid of varicose and spider veins, and it may be time to visit one if yours are getting to be more than you can stand. You may already have experience with specialists, such as endocrinologists, heart doctors, or gastroenterologists, but not everyone expects to go to a vein clinic for treatment. You may not know what to expect or what a vein center does at first. The following are things to know before you visit a vein clinic.

What to Expect when visiting the alpha vein clinic in Las Vegas:


  1. Consultation and Evaluation – to evaluate the signs and symptoms of potential candidate. Dr. Sassan Kaveh being an experienced internist can discuss different potential diagnosis, pathophysiology and treatment options, even if the problem is not vein related.
  2. Venous Ultrasound of the legs – to confirm the diagnosis and to identify the specific veins involved.
  3. Venefit Endovenous RF Ablation or ClariVein Ablation – to treat the CVI with a team approach using ultrasound guidance.
  4. Utilizing Pressure Stockings – for two weeks post procedure to optimize healing process.
  5. Serial Venous Ultrasounds – to monitor the progression of the recovery and to watch for potential complications.

Clinical results indicate that these procedures can be effective at closing the vein and significantly reducing patient symptoms.

The RF Ablation procedure has proven to be highly effective, with 87% of veins treated remaining closed at 5 years. Although, there is currently no significant data available beyond one year for MOCA technique all evidence suggest that the results would be equally good. These procedures are highly effective. In our experience, there is rarely any recurrence of venous reflux or any of the symptoms in the treated veins.

While varicose and spider veins can take years to develop, and you may have waited a long time before seeking Las Vegas vein treatment for them, you can see results very soon. Your varicose or spider veins can begin to disappear after the few first appointments in many cases.

The choice of methods for your vein treatment can depend on the size of your varicose and spider veins.

Your health insurance company may cover your expenses for varicose vein removal, if your varicose veins are a medical condition. This can be the case if they are causing your legs to swell, or are burning and itching.

If you have questions about the alpha vein clinic and varicose veins, or about any other aspect of vein health, make an appointment today with Alpha Vein Clinic!

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