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Facial rejuvenation encompasses a range of non-surgical cosmetic treatments designed to enhance and restore a youthful appearance.

TriPollar RF™

Focused RF energy inducing controlled heating of soft tissue to regenerate collagen and elastin fibers


Dynamic Muscle Stimulation technology that works by activating different muscles with electrical stimulation for a well-defined, toned, and lifted look.

Dual Lift

A combination of alternative sequences of TriPollar RF and DMSt to stimulate both soft and muscle tissues


RF-assisted Microneedling that creates micro-wounds to address multiple skin concerns in a single comprehensive solution.


The utmost synergy of all 3 Lift technologies (RF Tripolar, DMST & RF-assisted microneedling) to take care of all layers from muscles to skin in the same treatment session without surgical invasive means

IPL (Intense Pulse Light Therapy)

Intense Pulse Light Therapy to rejuvenate skin and correct hyperpigmentation and other surface imperfections

Q Switch Nd: Yag

For removal of tattoos and deep pigmented lesions

Long Pulse: Nd Yag

For treatment of deep and large vascular lesions, as well as facial wrinkles. Also the removal of unwanted hair from all skin types


Fractional non-ablative skin treatment to address skin issues like acne scars, surgical scars and striae.

Sensational Carbon Laser Peel

Sensational Carbon Laser Peel or the VIP Hollywood Peel is a revolutionary, non-invasive procedure that involves no pain or downtime, but it can help rejuvenate the appearance of aging and damaged skin.

Combination Packages

Choose from our Combination Packages and Benefit the best of Both Worlds

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