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Do you have leg pain, ugly unwanted spider or varicose veins? Dr. Sassan Kaveh can help!


If you have any of these troublesome issues with your legs, ankles or even your feet, these could be symptoms of venous insufficiency or leaky veins. Which can now be treated with minimally invasive in-office procedures called Radiofrequency Endovenous Ablation, ClariVein or VenaSeal Ablation.


Is a progressive medical condition in which the valves that carry blood from the legs toward the heart no longer function, causing blood to pool in the legs and these veins to swell.  There are a number of factors that contribute to CVI, including pregnancy and heredity. As CVI progresses, other painful symptoms like leg swelling, leg pain, skin discoloration and ulcers may occur. Making the once upon a time small issue of varicose or spider veins a huge medical problem. Indeed there are many causes of leg pain and vein pain none of them are just something that naturally occurs in our bodies and the pain needs to be investigated as soon as possible to stop the problem from becoming worse and maybe to the point of untreatable.

Leg pain can be caused by a problem in muscles, bones, nerves or blood circulation. Most medical practitioners do a very good job investigating causes that relate to the bones, nerves, muscles and even the arterial circulation. A very common and agonizing cause of leg pain that is not well understood by most doctors is poor circulation of blood in the veins causing Chronic Venous Insufficiency (CVI). Here at “Alpha Vein Clinic Las Vegas” we are very conscientious and aggressive to evaluate all potential causes of leg pain, especially Chronic Venous Insufficiency, that may have been missed in the past.


Today, there are a number of minimally invasive treatment options that are covered by many insurance plans. While treatments like compression stockings are often first prescribed to manage symptoms, there are a variety of treatments that can actually treat the diseased veins to eliminate varicose veins, improve your quality of life and halt the progression of CVI. We have a brand new procedure here in Las Vegas, which is the VenaSeal procedure. This procedure gets you in and out in record time. No more painful vein treatments! We have the best available here at Alpha Vein.


  1. Consultation and Evaluation- to evaluate the signs and symptoms of potential candidate. Dr. Sassan Kaveh being an experienced internist ca discuss different potential diagnosis, pathophysiology and treatment options, even if the problem is not vein related.
  2. Venous Ultrasound of the legs- to confirm the diagnosis and to identify the specific veins involved.
  3. We have the new VenaSeal procedure along with the Venefit Endovenous RF Ablation or ClariVein Ablation- to treat the CVI with a team approach using ultrasound guidance.
  4. Depending on what procedure you may have to utilize Pressure Stockings- for two weeks post procedure to optimize healing process. However it is not required with the VenaSeal procedure!
  5. Serial Venous Ultrasounds- to monitor the progression of the recovery and to watch for potential complications

The Alpha Vein Clinic in Las Vegas takes pride in being able to solve the vein pain issue with the best treatments out there. They will make sure you are comfortable and secure in the facts before you need to make any decision about treatment of your vein problems. Call us today to schedule your visit at Alpha Vein Clinic at (702) 430-7661. We are very excited to hear from you and make your insecurities and vein issues a problem of the past. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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