Am I a Candidate for Treatment?
What is RFA Endovenous Therapy?
What is MOCA Ablation Therapy?
What is Chronic Venous Insufficiency (CVI)?
How do you treat varicose veins and CVI?
How are the RFA or ClariVein Ablation procedures different from vein stripping?
How is the RFA procedure different from the laser ablation treatment?
How long does the RFA or ClariVein Ablation procedure take?
Are the RFA or ClariVein Ablation procedures painful?
Do they require anesthesia?
How quickly after treatment can I return to normal activities?
How soon after treatment will my symptoms improve?
Is there any scarring, bruising or swelling after these procedures?
What potential risks and complications are associated with RFA or ClariVein Ablation procedure?
Is the RFA or ClariVein Ablation procedure suitable for everyone?
How effective is the RFA procedure?
How effective is the ClariVein procedure?
What happens to the treated vein left behind in the leg?
Is the RFA procedure covered by my insurance?
Is the ClariVein Ablation procedure covered by my insurance?
What is the VenaSeal closure system and what does it treat?
What Can I Expect of the VenaSeal Procedure?
When will symptoms improve after VenaSeal?
Is the VenaSeal procedure painful?
What happens to the VenaSeal adhesive?
How does the VenaSeal procedure differ from thermal energy procedures?
Is the VenaSeal procedure covered by insurance?
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