How to Know When It’s Time to See a Vein Doctor in Las Vegas

One question we receive quite a bit is some version of: “how do I know if I need a vein treatment?” While it may seem like it should be a “slam dunk” kind of thing, the truth is that a lot goes into determining whether or not that you’re a candidate for treatment. Below, we’ll go over just a few of the things to look for. As ever, should you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to our vein doctor in Las Vegas

What to Look For 

Sometimes, you can just look at your legs and tell that you’re a good candidate for treatment. First off, check to see if you have varicose veins. These veins are enlarged, and may look twisted or even blue. They don’t have to be specifically in your legs, either: they can be in your ankles or even feet. Of course, varicose or “spider” veins aren’t the only visual symptoms. You should contact us quickly if you have any open sores or leg ulcers on your legs, obviously. However, you’ll also want to look for skin discoloration on your legs, particularly if they’re near the ankles. A good rule of thumb: if you notice something on your leg, and you aren’t sure if it’s a varicose vein, an ulcer, a sore, or something else, it’s worth reaching out to us about. 

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Feelings to Be Aware Of 

Many of the symptoms which make a person a good candidate for vein treatment are internal. For example, if your legs feel cramped at night. We don’t mean that they feel cramped at night after you went for a run and didn’t stretch, but if these leg cramps occur again and again, night after night. By that same token, if your legs are heavy and difficult to move after you’ve sat or stood for a long period of time, you might be in need of treatment. Obviously, if you had to stand for several hours on end once and your legs were sore afterwards, that might be a one time thing. But, if you find that your legs are always heavy, cumbersome and moving them is challenging after sitting or standing, we can assist you with this to increase your mobility as well as your quality of life. 

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A Vein Doctor in Las Vegas for You 

Unfortunately, many of our patients end up needing treatment due to their family history. Vein issues can run in families, but there is good news: we’ve helped generations of Vegas area residents with their veins. The above are just a few of the potential signs that it might be time for a vein treatment. There are many others. If you think that you might need vein treatment or just want more information, you can call us at (702) 233-6661 for a formal venous evaluation. From there, we’ll figure out the best way that we can help you!