Not surprisingly, age plays a significant role in vein health. Vein damage is progressive, so the longer we live, the more challenges our veins have endured. By the time we reach an advanced age, our legs have undergone many years of stress.

How Does Your Age Impact Your Lifestyle?

Age also plays a role in our lifestyle. As we age, we generally are less physically active. This lack of physical activity can strain our venous system and also encourages weight gain, further stressing our veins. Muscle mass is lost as we age, which decreases support for veins.

How to Keep Your Vein Health as You Age:

Maintaining vein health as you age is possible. Keeping up with a regular exercise routine, particularly swimming or pool exercises, is a great step to support your veins. Water provides an anti gravity environment that is conducive to flexibility exercises.

Use of compression stockings when standing for long periods or traveling can help avoid the symptoms and signs of vein problems. It is never too late to treat problem veins. We have treated patients in their early 70’s, 80’s and 90’s with significant improvement to their lifestyle.

What to Expect when visiting the Alpha Vein Clinic Las Vegas:

  • Consultation and Evaluation – to evaluate the signs and symptoms of potential candidate. Dr. Sassan Kaveh being an experienced internist can discuss different potential diagnosis, pathophysiology and treatment options, even if the problem is not vein related.
  • Venous Ultrasound of the legs – to confirm the diagnosis and to identify the specific veins involved.
  • Venefit Endovenous RF Ablation or ClariVein Ablation – to treat the (CVI) with a team approach using ultrasound guidance.
  • Utilizing Pressure Stockings – for two weeks post procedure to optimize healing process.
  • Serial Venous Ultrasounds – to monitor the progression of the recovery and to watch for potential complications.

Clinical results indicate that these procedures can be effective at closing the vein and significantly reducing patient symptoms.

The (RF) Ablation procedure has proven to be highly effective, with 87% of veins treated remaining closed at 5 years. Although, there is currently no significant data available beyond one year for (MOCA) technique all evidence suggest that the results would be equally good.These procedures are highly effective. In our experience, there is rarely any recurrence of venous reflux or any of the symptoms in the treated veins.

Prevention is always the best vein treatment for aging veins. However, damaged veins can be closed off, which helps the body reroute blood away from surface veins to deeper veins. These deeper veins have muscle surrounding them, providing greater support and pumping function. If you are wondering whether you have or are at risk for developing vein disease, schedule an appointment today at the Alpha Vein Clinic Las Vegas to speak to our friendly vein care staff  about your concerns at (702) 430 7661.

Our team here  at the Alpha Vein Clinic Las Vegas has decades of experience caring for patients at every age. If you are experiencing the symptoms of vein disease, don’t let the damage continue. It’s never too late to improve your quality of life or avert the skin changes of venous disease. We have successfully treated vein disease in patients in their eighties and nineties.

With vein care, timely action can prevent damage that requires more significant treatments. Compression Is always the keystone to leg health. As we get older, graduated compression stockings are sometimes difficult to put on and take off. There are solutions,  it might be a device to assist or Velcro wraps, which are easier to apply and remove. Don’t hesitate to ask about your options! No matter what your age, diseased veins can be treated and closed—it’s never too late.

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