Do you have leg vein disease in Las Vegas? (symptoms)

Leg vein disease is far more common than you think. In the United States, this condition affects 50% of people over the age of 50. However, vein disease can occur at any age and in either gender.

What is Leg Vein Disease?

Vein disease is associated with a variety of risk factors. It can occur naturally through your genetic makeup or age. Age is a factor because the stress on your body to support itself and it’s circulatory system wears on veins as time goes on. Factors also include standing or sitting for prolonged periods of time, hormonal changes, pregnancy and lack of muscle function due to inactivity.

Where and Why Does it Occur?

The lower legs, ankles and feet are furthest from the heart making it difficult to pump circulating blood back up against the downward pull of gravity. The veins utilize valves in the leg veins to prevent blood from flowing backwards as it moves towards the heart. Muscles in the legs act as pumps that help push blood flow upward. When vein valves weaken and blood pools in the legs, it can cause the veins to stretch and bulge and leads to a host of other symptoms such as cramping, heaviness and aching in the legs. If left untreated, this condition can lead to venous ulcers which are difficult to heal especially in the elderly who may lead a more sedentary lifestyle or are bedridden.

Risks of Vein Disease

When you first begin developing vein disease, you may not notice visible symptoms. Venous insufficiency could show itself by the feeling of cramping or pain, heaviness and fatigue in your legs. Your condition will progress to signs of varicose veins, leg swelling, nightly restless legs and potentially include the following:

Itching of the skin around the veins

Hardening of the vein

Thickening of the skin

Sores near the ankle

Skin discoloration

Due to the force of the continuous back-flow of blood, painful sores and skin ulcers may develop near the ankle. These ulcers will not be relieved until blood flow is corrected. There also is risk of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) with the late stages of vein disease. DVT is a blood clot in the deep tissue of the vein.

The Simple Answer in Las Vegas

Today we have less invasive, less painful methods in treating leg vein disease than ever before. One very effective method is Endovenous Radiofrequency Ablation, which involves the use of carefully controlled Radio Frequency heat to seal off the vein. This treatment allows for a comfortable recovery and a quick return to everyday activities. ClariVein procedure is another even newer technique available which uses a chemical technology to shut off the vein. Both methods are minimally invasive and performed in our comfortable clinic.

Dr. Sassan Kaveh of Alpha Vein Clinic in Las Vegas is an experienced physician who has successfully treated all stages and symptoms of vein disease. He is also one of the only physicians in Nevada trained to perform the ClariVein procedure. With today’s medical advancements, vein treatments are a great option to stop vein disease in it’s tracks. Procedures are covered by most medical insurance companies including Medicare. Your comprehensive evaluation includes doppler ultrasound imaging to accurately identify the veins that require treatment. Our caring staff will guide you through the entire process and is at your disposal 24 hours a day before and after procedures. Call Alpha Vein Clinic at 702-430- 7661 today and be confident that your vein treatment is in good hands. Let us help make your vein disease symptoms a problem of the past!

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