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Three Main Categories of Leg Veins

You may often hear vein disease, leg veins, varicose veins and other vein-related terms, but you may not realize that all veins are not created equal. While they may all look the same to you underneath your skin, they’re actually very different. In fact, there are three main types of leg veins, with some being more prone to weakening and damage than others.


The first category of veins, deep leg veins, is located in the muscles and is found in the center of the leg near the bones. They carry blood directly from the bottom of the body to the heart. They have one-way valves that percent the backward flow of blood to ensure it reaches the heart, thanks to the surrounding muscles, which compress the veins to direct the blood in the proper direction. They are responsible for most of the blood flow to the heart, transporting 90 percent of the blood that travels from the legs to heart. They are called Femoral Vein.


The second group, superficial veins, is located just beneath the surface of the skin. Unlike the deep veins, they don’t receive as much support from the nearby muscle and bone, and because of this they are susceptible to weakness in the wall. If the wall becomes weak, the vein can balloon out, thus creating a varicose vein. Because superficial veins aren’t compressed by the muscles the way the deep veins are, the blood they carry travels more slowly. They primarily direct blood to the deep leg veins instead of to the heart via connecting valves. They are called Great Saphenous vein and Small Saphenous vein.


The third category, perforator veins, connects the superficial leg veins to the deep leg veins, and allows blood from the former to flow into the latter. Their valves prevent blood from flowing from the deep leg veins to the superficial leg veins so that blood maintains its proper direction of flow. They run up and down the legs, with more of them located in the calves instead of the thighs.

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