Let Your Legs Know That You Love Them This Valentine’s Day

Throughout the day, do you notice any general pain in your legs? Do your legs feel heavy and tired? If you are one of a large group of people with these symptoms then you could be experiencing venous insufficiency. Symptoms of Chronic Venous Insufficiency also include cramping, restless legs, varicose veins, spider veins, leg swelling and skin changes such as statis dermatitis. This Valentine’s Day, love your legs by getting rid of the uncomfortable and painful symptoms caused by vein disease.

Not Uncommon

Half of adults over the age of 50 have venous insufficiency and a quarter of all adults have varicose veins. If you have discovered varicose veins or any other symptom of Chronic Venous Insufficiency it’s important to seek a professional opinion on your progressing vein disease. Since CVI is a progressive condition it will worsen and intensify over time.

Treat Yourself

Here at Alpha Vein Clinic in Las Vegas, our specialist and physician is Dr. Sassan Kaveh. Dr. Kaveh will look at your specifically affected veins through a doppler ultrasound and consult you on your treatment options. One method performed in our utpatient clinic is Radiofrequency Ablation, which involves the use of carefully controlled radiofrequency heat to seal off the vein. The other minimally invasive procedure performed by Dr. Kaveh is the ClariVein procedure which uses a chemical technique to shut down the vein. Vein procedures are considered a medical necessity and are covered by most medical insurance plans.

When it comes to the visible appearance of varicose veins, the twisted, enlarged veins can take a toll on your self confidence. Sporadic, brightly colored spider veins may even accompany the protruding varicose veins. Treating your condition is known to leave patients with smooth, healthy legs which will boost your confidence and help you love your legs again.

The Future is Bright with Alpha Vein Clinic!

Once you take the leap of going forward with vein treatment, your symptoms will start to vanish. The restless feeling, the itching, the fatigue and the swelling will all begin to heal as you quickly recover from your procedure. Blood re-routes through healthy veins and circulation naturally returns to strong, working order.

Many of our patients have experienced the bliss of finally being varicose vein free. One of our patients, Shelli B. expressed her gratitude to Alpha Vein Clinic, “Dr. Sassan Kaveh and his staff are amazing! My vein procedures are only half way through and I have tears of joy. Not only are they all the most comforting and knowledgeable group I’ve ever dealt with but they have the most advanced technology and modern approach to treating varicose veins. Thank you a million times over for making me feel whole again.”

Valentine’s Day is all about love. Why not practice self love and seek treatment for your unwanted venous issues? Dr. Sassan Kaveh has the experience and know how to successfully treat your venous insufficiency. Alpha Vein Clinic is your Las Vegas option for professional, effective leg vein treatment. Call us today at 702-430- 7661 to visit our conveniently located clinic for a thorough examination of your vein condition. Let us help you tell your legs how much you love them!

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