If you live in Las Vegas and have been having leg cramps that are persistent and you think they are just a lack of vitamins, minerals or exercise you may want to think this over.

Leg Pain:

Painful legs represent a symptom of several medical conditions that range from cosmetic problems to medical emergencies. It is a common symptom in the legs that sometimes occurs along with varicose or spider veins.

The pain may appear as a dull ache or something more severe. Other times, it can show up as itching around one or more of the veins. The pain may also be constant or grow worse after sitting or standing for a long time. Leg cramps deserve special mention. Painful, nocturnal leg cramps can also be related to vein disease. In fact, a recent study showed that more than 80 percent of patients had improvement in their leg pain when their vein problem was treated! We have seen this to be true in our years in practice here at the Alpha Vein Clinic Las Vegas, and it is quite gratifying to see a patient sleep better without painful night cramps or no longer need to take daily medicine for leg pain.

Tired, heavy legs used to be thought of as just a part of getting older. Now, we know that many times these dull, achy sensations are really a sign of damaged veins. Our office has the latest technology to address vein disease before complications arise. Modern vein treatments can restore the quality of life for those with even the most debilitating symptoms of venous insufficiency.

Leg cramping:

Leg cramping is commonly caused by venous reflux (chronic venous insufficiency). Many people experience muscular tightening or painful cramping at night. The relationship between venous insufficiency and leg cramping is poorly understood. It is sometimes difficult to believe that patients with leg cramping will respond in favor to treatment for vein disease. If leg cramping is causing you discomfort or keeping you awake at night or you are just constantly irritated from pain, We can help determine the cause here at the Alpha Vein Clinic we are confident we can figure out your leg pain no matter what the case is. We can get you in and out and on the road to healthy legs right after your first appointment.

How is vein disease treated?

Here at Alpha Vein Clinic we offer two different methods to treat your Leg Cramp! If we can treat the venous insufficiency, then the symptom that happens because of it will eventually get better and disappear. The two different methods are “Radiofrequency Ablation” and “Clarivein Occlusion”. These procedures are simple in-office and only minimally invasive procedures. They are both performed under local anesthesia and are well covered by most insurance companies. Early treatment is crucial to prevent further complications. Since the valves in the legs cannot be repaired, the only alternative is to reroute the blood flow from the diseased veins to healthy veins. Traditionally, this has been done by surgically removing (stripping) the troublesome vein from your leg. Once the diseased vein is closed, it remains harmless in the body.

If you are experiencing leg  cramps that doesn’t subside after a few days, it may be time to visit an experienced doctor to make sure your cramp isn’t being caused by a larger underlying health issue such as Chronic Venous Insufficiency (CVI). At the Las Vegas Alpha Vein Clinic you will be thoroughly examined and, if diagnosed with (CVI), you will be provided with a treatment plan that best suits your needs. To schedule an appointment with Dr Sassan Kaveh and his dedicated team, please call our offices at (702)430-7661.

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