How To Maintain Vein Health Between Treatments

If you’ve consulted a physician about vein problems such as Chronic Venous Insufficiency or varicose veins, he or she likely recommended a treatment method to provide relief from your symptoms and hopefully eliminate the underlying cause. In many cases these therapies require several treatment sessions, which means it’s up to you to maintain your vein health between treatments. If you do, you can not only enhance the effectiveness of the therapy, but also improve your overall vein health and reduce the likelihood of recurrence or other future problems. Let’s discuss how you can support your vein health in between treatment sessions.

Stay Active:

Staying active is one easy and highly effective way to enhance and maintain vein health. Plus, it’s something that’s easy to incorporate into your daily routine while undergoing treatment and after you’ve finished so that you maintain good vein health for the rest of your life. Sitting or standing for extended periods can place a strain on your veins, but getting up and moving around can help ease this strain. If you sit at a desk, for example, get up every half hour or so and walk around. Regular exercise also goes a long way toward improving overall health and helping your veins stay healthy. A wide range of exercises are helpful within two weeks after your treatments are done, including cardio, resistance and stretching. However, avoid anything too strenuous between your treatmetns. Your best bet is to focus on moderate and low-impact activities such as walking. Stretching exercises such as yoga is also effective because it helps to loosen the muscles that may be constricting the veins.

Maintain a Healthy Weight:

Keeping your weight in check can also enhance your vein health, which is another reason why exercise and diet are so important. Excess weight can put pressure on the veins, which can make it difficult for them to function properly. Because of this, you may not get the best possible results from your treatment.

Compression Socks:

Your physician will most likely ask you to wear compression socks or stockings between and after vein treatments for two weeks. These special garments provide graduated pressure along your legs and can help your veins to stay closed. You can use them under your clothes or alone, and should wear them daily for regular support.

At Alpha Vein Clinic, we can not only create a customized treatment plan tailored to your vein health needs, we can also advise you on how to maintain your vein health between treatments and after your treatment is finished. Book an appointment today with Dr Sassan Kaveh to learn more about how he and his caring staff can help you achieve your best results in vein treatments.

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