Why it’s the perfect season to get vein treatment

Fall is in full swing. Although it’s been a long summer, the trees are bare and we’ve brought out our favorite sweaters. The cooler weather has a lovely ambience, but also causes an atmospheric pressure shift that adjusts the way our bodies circulate blood. This beautiful time of the year is the best time to come in for a vein evaluation.

Amicable Autumn

The cool air may have brought you some relief. You can get out of shorts and cover up your varicose and spider veins with longer pants. However, beneath the added layers you won’t be able to hide from the leg pain, leg fatigue and cramps. Your insurance deductible for the year has been met and the kids are now busy with school. Need more reasons to seek treatment this fall?

The Comfort in the Cold

Compression stockings are a part of varicose vein treatment. You would need to wear them a few weeks before treatment and it is advised that you wear them for a period after treatment as well. This tight fitting hosiery is much more comfortable in the cool months. Compression stockings also can be worn under extra layers in the fall, so you won’t have to feel uncomfortable wearing them out in public.

It is also important to keep newly treated legs out of the sun for a couple of weeks. Alpha Vein Clinic offers the newest treatment options, Radiofrequency Ablation and ClariVein, which have exceptional clinical and cosmetic results. However, the sun’s UV rays can cause permanent discoloration where the veins were treated and ruin your perfect results. In late fall, it is all too easy to wear pants, jeans or leggings that keep your legs out of the sun.

No Time like the Present

Vein disease is progressive, so the right time to get started is always now. Starting the treatment process this month will have you loving your legs in time for spring. You will also be able to better enjoy holiday parties without your nagging symptoms dragging you home and off of your feet. Why wait to rid yourself of your itching and swollen legs?

These symptoms will only get worse. This Christmas, fall asleep with a log burning in the fireplace, rather than having restless legs that feel like they are the ones on fire. Alpha Vein Clinic in Las Vegas can get you on your way to better leg vein health this fall. Dr. Sassan Kaveh is highly trained in vein treatments and is one of the only physicians in Nevada who can perform ClariVein, the newest vein treatment technique. Let Dr. Kaveh and his caring staff help you, so that you can wear your favorite shorts with confidence in the spring! Call us today at 702-430- 7661 to find out what Alpha

Vein Clinic can do for you.

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