Prolonged Sitting or Standing Increases Risk of Varicose Veins

If you have a job where you sit or stand for most of the day, this can not only be tiring but can also cause potentially serious health problems, including varicose veins. If you want to prevent this unsightly condition, read on to learn more about the link between sitting or standing for lengthy periods and developing varicose veins. We will also be discussing how you can prevent this from happening.

Effects On The Body:

The human body is not designed to stay in one position for hours at a time. Instead, our bodies function best when we engage in a wide variety of activities, including standing, sitting, walking and generally being mobile. Sitting or standing for extended periods can place strain on multiple parts of the body, including the spine, the circulatory system and other areas. The veins in the legs may weaken over time as a result of being immobile or staying in the same position for too long. When the veins weaken, blood doesn’t flow properly and can settle in the veins, which makes the veins bulge, twist, and protrude. This condition is known as having varicose veins.

Who’s At Risk?

There are several occupations that can increase your risk of developing varicose veins because they require you to sit or stand for several hours at time. These jobs include: office workers who spend most of their day sitting at a desk; truck drivers who spend a lot of time sitting in the truck and driving, pharmacists who are on their feet for several hours without the opportunity to take a break; nurses, who spend most of their time on their feet caring for patients; people who work in factories or on assembly lines; cashiers and other customer service-oriented jobs; restaurant servers; and hairstylists and other beauty professionals who must stand for long periods of time in order to cater to their clients.

What You Can Do:

If you have a job that requires you to sit for extended periods, consider elevating your feet as much ans as often as possible. For example, if you sit at a desk, you might try tucking a small foot stool underneath it so you can sit with your feet slightly elevated instead of flat on the floor. Even bending your legs and rotating your ankles a few times a day can help keep the blood circulating properly so it doesn’t pool in your veins. If possible, incorporate more movement into your daily routine. Even a short walk during your lunch break can help a great deal. This also applies to standing for extended periods. If you must be on your feet all day and can’t sit down, just be sure you’re not keeping your legs too rigid all day. Bend your knees periodically to reduce strain and minimize your risk of developing varicose veins or exacerbating existing ones. If you’re a nurse, for example, and you’ve been walking or standing most of the day, you might try pulling up a chair when you talk to a patient or if you have paperwork to complete.

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