Sclerotherapy has been a classic method to treat spider veins
(the tiny, asymptomatic veins that appear on the legs as thin &
short bright red lines), reticular veins (similar to spider veins but
more extensive, often purplish and convoluted lines), varicose
veins (larger, often rope-like veins which may be even itchy or
tender) and sometimes even deeper veins like the great and
small saphanous veins (GSV & SSV).

However, today, we can use newer advanced technology, well
covered under your health insurance, to treat the underlying
diseased veins that give rise to these spider and varicose veins.
This way, it may not be necessary to do the expensive therapy to
achieve good cosmetic results.

Sclerotherapy has been shown not to be as effective for the
treatment of the deeper large veins as the newer techniques have
found to be.

Furthermore, it may not even be necessary to treat the varicose/spider veins, once we treat the underlying bad veins properly.

Here at Alpha Vein Clinic, we use Radiofrequency Ablation
or MOCA (also known as Clarivein) to treat the
underlying incompetent larger veins as a medical condition. We, then,
observe the progress of the undesirable visible veins for 1-2
months. For majority of our patients, there is a significant
cosmetic improvement to the point that they no longer need to
spend any out of pocket money to do further cosmetic

For the minority who still would like us to do cosmetic therapy, the extend of veins needing treatment would certainly be less.
Hence, it would be significantly easier and cheaper to treat.
On the occasion that particular individuals have large varicosities
or extensive spider/reticular veins, we can inject the veins during MOCA treatment at no extra cost to our patients.

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