Shelli B. Testimonial

Shelli B. Testimonial

“I have been a patient of Dr. Sassan Kaveh for over a year undergoing numerous vascular procedures on my legs. Prior to becoming his patient in May of 2015, I was in a lot of pain and also dealing with terrible swelling and itching in my legs. I was scratching and rubbing my ankles so much that sometimes the ulcer in my left ankle would bleed. My varicose veins kept me from sleeping and in turn required me to take off of work because of the exhaustion caused by lack of sleep. “Propping my feet up,” which is often a cheap remedy for varicose veins, was not an option for me because of the type of work I do. I am on my feet for at least eight hours a day and sometimes given a mandatory overtime for four or continuous hours of standing. Since Dr. Kaveh began these varicose vein treatments, I feel 100% better. Rarely do my legs swell, itch or hurt and the ulcer on my ankle isn’t a problem anymore. I feel extremely satisfied with the results of Dr. Kaveh’s work. No downtime from work and such amazing results in the way I feel (regardless of how my legs looks, which never will be glamorous in the least) are two reasons why I would recommend him to anyone who needed his help as an alternative to vein stripping.”

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