Skin Itchiness

Skin Itchiness

If Your Skin Itches and You Can’t Figure Out Why, Visit Alpha Vein Clinic!

If you experience skin itchiness, you could be suffering from Lichen Simplex Chronicus. This skin condition is characterized by constant itching and scratching. It is important to understand that as an individual suffering from this condition, it is not simply a skin condition. If this sounds familiar and your primary care provider, or even a dermatologist, has not been able to help you locate the problem, you might be better off visiting Alpha Vein Clinic. It is possible that you’re suffering from an underlying vein disease which is causing your hands or legs to itch.


There are many different conditions that might cause you to itch. More often than not, whether it was caused by an allergic reaction to new laundry detergent or an encounter with the wrong animal or plant, it is something you can easily handle with some antihistamine.

However, sometimes you will find you are having a harder time placing the cause of the itch. Worst, you might end up having to deal with this untraceable itch for so long that by now you are just perpetuating the cycle of itching and scratching.

Why a Vein Clinic?

The medical professional at our clinic has so much experience in issues related to veins and their common issues. The root cause for this seemingly untraceable itching that you are feeling could actually be in your veins. Chronic venous insufficiency is a weakening of the valves in the veins that carry blood from the feet all the way to the heart. This weakening causes the blood to back up and settle in the veins, which is known as venous reflux. This often leads to scratching with no apparent cause, hence starting the itching and scratching cycle that leads to lichen simplex chronicus.

Treating Intractable Itching

If you just target the surface of the skin when treating lichen simplex chronicus, you are not addressing the core issue of the problem. By addressing chronic venous insufficiency you can actually treat the condition at its root and prevent more surface-level damage to the skin. There are several minimally-invasive ways to treat this at our vein clinic. Once the venous condition is treated and addressed, the cycle can be broken and, without itching and its subsequent scratching, the skin can be treated and allowed to heal.

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Here at the Alpha Vein Clinic, we want to make sure that you receive the treatment your condition calls for. If you’ve been having trouble treating your itchy skin condition, set up a consultation with our clinic and find out if our treatment is for you. For more information about the treatment or our clinic, give us a call at (702) 233-6661.

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