How Spider Veins Can Indicate Deeper Venous Problems

What Are Spider Veins?

Spider veins are blood vessels that are easily apparent through the skin, and are often found on the legs and feet. They frequently have a web-like shape, and while they’re not as noticeable as varicose veins, they’re still unsightly and an issue for many sufferers. In some cases they are purely cosmetic, and pose no health risk. However, as with any vein abnormality, they can indicate underlying vein problems, which is why it’s important to take them seriously and consult a physician to rule out serious issues. In today’s post, we will learn more about spider veins and what they might indicate about your overall vein health.

Why Do I have Them?

Vein problems are often caused by poor circulation in the legs, which is also the case for spider veins. While you my not have significant discomfort caused by the spider veins themselves, they could indicate that you have circulation issues that require medical treatment. Poor circulation can cause several complications ranging from mild to severe. Some of these include: cramps, tingling or numbness, and pain. Chronic Vein Insufficiency (CVI) is often the cause of spider veins because the veins deeper in the legs may have faulty valves. So while the spider veins themselves might not be a serious issue, searching for their underlying cause could put you on the path for getting relief of symptoms you otherwise may not have attributed to them.

What Else Can Spider Veins Indicate?

Finding the cause of your spider veins can often reveal the formation of varicose veins nearby. Varicose veins are much worse in appearance and can have some serious symptoms as well, including pain, fatigue in the legs and change in the skin. By seeking medical treatment for spider veins, you can reduce your risk for developing varicose veins or identify varicosities that may already be forming.

Here at Alpha Vein Clinic, Dr. Sassan Kaveh and his staff are experienced in diagnosing and treating vein problems such as spider veins, along with the underlying vein problems such as Chronic Venous Insufficiency that could be causing them. If you’re experiencing any type of vein problem, book an appointment today for a thorough physical exam and a treatment plan customized just for you.

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