Stay varicose vein free this fall

It’s that lovely time when the air changes, from heat waves to crisp and cool. We begin to crave pumpkin treats and fancy putting on our favorite sweaters. However, the changing of the seasons can also have a negative effect on blood circulation which contributes to varicose veins. Atmospheric pressure shifts, adjusting the way our bodies handle our own weight causing circulation to become less efficient. Not to worry, there are tips and tricks to get you back to loving fall.

Autumn Weight Gain

Those mouth watering pumpkin sweets and fall family recipes begin to tempt us as the weather gets colder. We stop going outside as often and decide to skip the gym since swimsuit season has ended. The extra pounds we put on make it more difficult for our legs to pump blood back up to our hearts, putting strain on our calves and ankles leading to bulging varicose veins. Although weight gain is common at this time of the year, it is not hard to avoid. Lunges, squats and jumping jacks are easy exercises you can do at home to promote healthy blood circulation. You can also make it a nightly routine to elevate your feet for thirty minutes.

Take time to taste some new, lighter recipes like the ones featured on CookingLight.com. You’ll be enticed by the description of their healthy fall recipes; “It’s time to settle in with warm and comforting recipes that are bursting with the fresh flavors we all love this time of year. Sweet potatoes, apples, sage, cinnamon, and cider–there’s something here to satisfy all of your autumnal cravings.”

You can add snacks to your diet that improve blood flow like celery, raw seeds, nuts and oats. Try making meals using foods high in fiber to assist circulation.

Fall Fashion

Varicose veins are more likely to affect women rather than men. Ladies, listen up. There are a few fall trends you should know about that might make seeking treatment for your unhealthy veins more imperative. Straight from the 70’s, designers are bringing back mega platform shoes, this fall. (Check out the affordable Hercules ankle boot from TopShop.) This trend will simply not fly with swollen calves and ankles due to vein disease. You can massage your calves and ankles everyday to minimize swelling and again, elevate your feet to improve blood flow. Even after utilizing these tips you may need to seek treatment to put your leg swelling at ease. It will be well worth it when you can enjoy the view from your trendy platform boots or any heels you may have been unable to wear.

Majorly distressed denim is also all the rage fall ‘16. You may have avoided shorts all summer thanks to your varicose and spider veins, and be ready to cover up with the cool weather. However, we don’t think you need to miss out on this trend. Large rips in the knees, edges and hem of a vintage pair of Levi’s is an effortless, cool look that even you can own. Varicose vein treatment is minimally invasive, nearly painless and covered by most insurances.

Don’t Let Vein Disease Get You Down

Seize the entirety of this fall season by treating your varicose veins. Alpha Vein Clinic is ready to help. Come in for a consultation and find out how simple treatment really can be. Our physician Dr. Sassan Kaveh and the Alpha Vein Clinic staff can make sure your veins don’t stop you from enjoying all that fall offers. Call us today and come see us at our convenient location in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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