It’s Summer Time Lets Show Off Your Legs! 1

It’s Summer Time Lets Show Off Your Legs!

Visible varicose or spider veins can make you want to cover up and in the Las Vegas heat that can really make life hard! We can help!

Varicose veins can cause the legs to swell or feel achy, heavy and tired. A person with varicose veins also may experience itching, burning, numbness or tingling. In extreme cases, varicose veins may result in skin changes, rashes, swelling, and ulcers or open sores on the legs if left untreated. Some patients can experience clotting of veins, which can be quite painful.

In addition there are also spider veins. they are tiny, dilated veins that are visible on the surface of the skin. Spider veins are typically not painful, but some patients do complain of burning or itching. When numerous spider veins are visible at the skin’s surface, they may be an indicator that venous insufficiency of larger veins are present under the skin.

What causes chronic venous insufficiency?

Veins return blood to the heart from all the body’s organs. To reach the heart, the blood needs to flow upward from the veins in the legs. Calf muscles and the muscles in the feet need to contract with each step to squeeze the veins and push the blood upward. To keep the blood flowing up, and not back down, the veins contain one-way valves.

Chronic venous insufficiency occurs when these valves become damaged, allowing the blood to leak backward. When the veins and valves are weakened to the point where it is difficult for the blood to flow up to the heart, blood pressure in the veins stays elevated for long periods of time, leading to CVI.

Today we are lucky to say varicose vein treatments are non-invasive, more than 90% effective, and require little to no recovery time. Popular new varicose vein treatments like Radiofrequency Ablation, Clarivein and  VenaSeal can be performed by Dr. Sassan Kaveh here in Las Vegas in his vein clinic over your lunch break.

One of the newest varicose vein treatments, VenaSeal, was approved by the FDA in 2015.

Advantages of VenaSeal:

VenaSeal has some significant advantages over other varicose vein treatments. First, a single VenaSeal treatment may be effective in eradicating varicose veins; other treatment types require multiple treatments before veins disappear completely. Second, VenaSeal does not require patients to wear compression stockings after the treatment is performed. Finally, VenaSeal does not require the use of heat, large surgical incisions, or anesthesia, so recovery from the procedure is typically quick and painless. If you have been thinking of getting your leg veins looked at or you have been told you need vein treatment, Here at the Alpha Vein Clinic Las Vegas we would love to help you! Let’s get you showing those beautiful legs off before summer. Call us today at (702) 430-7661. Our caring and knowledgeable staff will set you up with an appointment that suits your schedule. Our clinic is conveniently located and ready to get you on the path to healthy legs. Dr. Sassan Kaveh is passionate about helping his patients to live pain free without the constant struggle that is associated with venous insufficiency. Do not hesitate, call us today!

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