There’s Still Time To Get Your Legs Ready For Summer

Symptoms of Vein Disease

Summer is officially a few months away, but here in Las Vegas we are already beginning to see the temperatures rising as the spring season begins.  For many, summer is something to look forward to. It means camping, trips to the beach, bike rides, hikes, and afternoons swimming. It also means it’s time to dig out your summer clothes. If you have varicose or spider veins that make you cringe at the idea of slipping into your sundresses and shorts—it may be time to finally address this issue by having your legs evaluated by a physician who is experienced in vein disease.

Symptoms of Vein Disease

Along with the unappealing appearance associated with spider and varicose veins, vein disease often has symptoms that can put a damper on activities that we like to participate in when the weather gets warm. These include: pain, aching, cramping, itchiness and skin texture changes, swollen ankles and/or feet and legs that tire easily. Some of these symptoms get worse while standing or during physical activity. If you have vein disease in your legs, having your veins treated is the only option to permanently relieve your symptoms.

Why you should seek vein treatments before the summer season:

  • The longer you wait to seek treatment, the more severe your symptoms become. Venous Insufficiency is a progressive disease and only gets worse over time. What may start as a seemingly cosmetic nuisance, can grow into a disease that can severely limit your lifestyle.
  • Venous disease can cause your legs to ache and cramp: symptoms that worsen when standing or active. Treatments can help you feel more comfortable so you can enjoy warm weather activities such as hiking and long walks on the beach.
  • Getting your diseased veins treated during spring will allow you to enjoy summer nights without the sleep disturbances caused by venous disease. No more aching and cramping legs that keep you up all night and prevent you from enjoying your daily summer activities.
  • You deserve to feel good about yourself! You shouldn’t have to have anxiety over the swimsuit season. The sooner you pick up the phone and talk to a qualified physician, the sooner you can regain the confidence it takes to fully embrace the season.

Call Alpha Vein Clinic and schedule a consultation with Dr Sassan Kaveh. Dr Kaveh has extensive experience in accurately diagnosing and treating vein disease of the legs. Our conveniently located Las Vegas clinic offers the latest, most minimally invasive treatments such as Radiofrequency Ablation and ClariVein. Recovery periods for these treatments are very short so getting started now can have you ready for the hot summer weather! Call us today at (702) 430-7661 to make an appointment that suits your schedule. Our caring and knowledgeable staff is here to answer any question you may have. Let us help you get your legs summer-ready!

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