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If you’re experiencing discoloration of the skin on your legs, ankles, calves, or thighs, it is possible you’re suffering from chronic venous insufficiency. This is a treatable condition which can be cured using a variety of vein treatment options such as: RadioFrequency Ablation, ClariVein Ablation, or VenaSeal AblationAlpha Vein Clinic is home to Dr. Sassan Kaveh, the leading vein doctor in Las Vegas, Nevada. Please contact us or call today for more information: 702-233-6661

What causes leg skin discoloration?

If you’re experiencing skin discoloration on your leg, ankle or foot—as a symptom of venous insufficiency—the condition is called hemosiderin deposits. Hemosiderin is a brown pigment caused under the skin from the breakdown of hemoglobin, the iron content in your red blood cells. This discoloration appears as a brown or purple, bruise-like area immediately beneath the skin’s surface.


The preliminary cause of this skin discoloration could be from Chronic Venous Insufficiency (CVI), a condition in which the valves that carry blood from the legs to the heart no longer function properly, causing blood to pool in the legs; causing a variety of symptoms including:

How is venous insufficiency diagnosed?

We will first get a thorough history by asking the patient questions, and then examining their legs for visible signs or problems. The confirmation of the diagnosis requires a specialized ultrasound of your legs that we perform in-house, at Alpha Vein Clinic.

How is leg skin discoloration treated?

If your skin discoloration is related to venous insufficiency, the root of your problem is non-dermatological and needs to be treated by attacking the root of your problem, which is diseased veins.


Since the valves in the legs cannot be repaired, the only alternative is to re-route blood flow from the diseased veins to healthy veins. Traditionally, this has been done by surgically removing (stripping) the troublesome vein from your leg. Radio Frequency Ablation, ClariVein Ablation, or VenaSeal treatments provide a less invasive alternative to vein stripping by simply closing the diseased vein. Once the diseased vein is closed, it becomes scar tissue and is eventually absorbed by the body.


Radio Frequency Ablation uses a highly specialized catheter to be inserted into the vein in order to cauterize the bad vein and close it off for ever. Accordingly, the better and healthier veins will take over. The VenaSeal™ closure system is the only non-tumescent, non-thermal, non-sclerosant procedure that uses a proprietary medical adhesive delivered endovenously to close the vein. ClariVein however uses a combination of chemical and mechanical rotation to shut off the vein.

Is vein treatment covered by insurance?

Treatment of venous insufficiency resulting in pain and suffering is a medical condition treatment of which is recognized by most insurance companies. Therefore, almost all non-HMO insurance companies cover the cost of the treatment.


Here at Alpha Vein Clinic we accept most insurance plans and are a preferred center for Sierra Insurance products.


Currently, all patients who have straight MedicareUnited Health Care, Aetna, BCBS as their primary insurance can enjoy the benefits of treatment using the ClariVein Ablation vein treatment. We are now accepting VA patients with an approved referral. Increasingly more and more insurances are covering this new technique.

Leg Skin Doctor in Las Vegas

Dr. Kaveh Las Vegas

Dr. Sassan Kaveh is a recognized skin discoloration doctor in Las Vegas with over 22 years of experience in the field. Dr. Kaveh is specialized in internal medicine practice with certification in endovascular radio frequency ablation.


If you’re looking for treatment for skin discoloration in the legs in Las Vegas we welcome you to our clinic to learn more. Our goal is to make you feel comfortable in making the right choice about your treatment, and also the doctor who is performing that treatment.


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