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Testimonial of Debbie B.

In the testimonial of Debbie B. she first begins to tell us the reasons she first came to see Dr. Sassan Kaveh, which were her swollen ankles and worsening cramps including cramps at night. Debbie went through one of our treatments here at the Alpha Vein Clinic Las Vegas called RadioFrequency Ablation or (RFA) for short. Three months after receiving this treatment the swelling in Debbies ankles has gone down as well as she no longer experiences night cramps. One of the things Debbie also talks about in her video is the want to exercise more, before her treatment she would find herself elevating her ankles after a long day to reduce the swelling in her ankles. Now after the (RFA) treatment she is able to go on walks after dinner and has succeeded in losing some weight as a result of being able to exercise. Debbie explains how she has had a hard time sleeping due to her varicose veins, but now she finds herself being able to sleep through the night getting a great night’s rest and being re-energized the next day. Debbie tells in her video the greatest thing she could’ve received from the (RFA) treatment and that is now she has a much better quality of life and her varicose veins no longer hinder the things she can do.

Testamonial Debbie B. After RFA

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