Varicose Veins Vs. Spider Veins


It seems like everything I have heard in my life to do with varicose veins was always about appearance and how it was a huge cosmetic issue! But the results and the facts are it’s not just a cosmetic issue. Having varicose veins is actually a very good indication that you could have venous disease and you really should not wait to get your legs checked.


Varicose veins are often thought to be an older persons problem. But most people tend to get their first varicose vein in their teenage years varicose veins are also thought to be only a cosmetic issue, but left unchecked they can cause considerable health issues that can compromise your enjoyment of life. Once we take care of the underlined problem the varicose veins will disappear after awhile. But if you just treat your varicose veins cosmetically with injections of sclerotherapy, they may go away for a short time but they’ll come back again so you need to fix the underlined problem that is causing the vein to pop.


Issues such as aching leg especially at the end of the day, throbbing, burning sensation, itching,leg cramps or restless legs can impact your life. These symptoms should not be dismissed as normal aches and pains. More advanced varicose vein problems show skin discoloration, usually around the ankles and leg ulcers.


Varicose veins are caused by faulty valves in the superficial veins of the legs that no longer function correctly. The blood in those veins cannot move up the body , so it just sits in the veins stretching them over time and causing discomfort. There are two superficial systems that transform approximately 2% of the blood in the leg. These two vein systems are the great saphenous vein and the small saphenous vein most of the blood is transported to the heart by the deep systems in the muscles. The main cause of varicose veins are hereditary, obesity, injury to a leg and pregnancy.  You are a much higher risk if your parents or grandparents have had varicose veins. Many people inherit vein disorders. About 30% of woman and 25% of men have varicose veins.

There is new treatment available and we can help recent advances in vein health have left vein stripping surgery behind as history, invasive and often ineffective procedure for varicose vein removal. Now a days, varicose vein treatments are no d- invasive, more than 90% effective and require little to no recovery time. Popular new varicose vein treatments like venaseal, radiofrequency ablation and clarivein can be performed at our vein clinic, the Alpha Vein Clinic Las Vegas. One of our newest vein treatments, VenaSeal, was approved by the FDA in 2015. In clinical trials, the FDA found VenaSeal to be a safe effective treatment for veins. The VenaSeal procedure is the most simple and very effective way of treating underlined vein disease. Vein disease is not just a cosmetic issue and can lead to worse health problems. If you have been having any question as to if you have a vein problem please don’t hesitate to call us today at 702-430-7661. We can’t wait to get you started! Lets get your veins treated pain free..

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