Varicose Veins: Recurrence after Treatment


Can varicose veins come back?

Approximately 5-15% of patients will see a recurrence in varicose veins after receiving treatment. Veins that are properly treated will not come back, however, new ones can form. There are several factors that can contribute to the recurrence of varicose veins and the reasons will differ for each person.

The good news is that if varicose veins do recur, it usually takes them years after any effective operation to show up, and these new veins are usually easier to treat since they have not become symptomatic yet.

Why do varicose veins come back?

Varicose veins can appear for a variety of reasons, even after being treated. Contributing factors for recurrence of varicose veins include:

Genetic History

Most people who suffer from varicose veins have an inherited vein disease, which increases their risk of developing more varicose veins after receiving treatment. Their symptoms and recurrence rate can be significantly reduced when under the care of an experienced physician.

Treatment Methods

The majority of patients who receive treatment to remove or close the vein should not have a reoccurrence of the vein. However, these procedures are not always performed properly, and can leave the veins inadequately treated. Certain treatment methods have higher recurrence rates, like vein stripping for example. Vein stripping is a rather invasive procedure that was a popular method in the past. Patients who have undergone vein stripping may have their varicose veins reappear due to incomplete removal of the vein. There are newer, less invasive and more effective treatment options available today including the ClariVein procedure. This method involves disrupting the lining of the vein, using a catheter to apply a highly effective drug that closes the vein. Due to these technological advances, patients who receive this procedure experience minimal discomfort, avoid the risk of nerve or skin damage and are able to return to daily activities quickly.


Physician Experience

It is not uncommon for patients to receive treatment multiple times for their varicose veins. In many cases, these patients have been treated only for the superficial effects of the condition. A vein specialist has the experience and tools needed to diagnose and treat the underlying cause. When patients are under the care of an experienced physician, they can receive effective treatment and educated advice that can significantly reduce the likelihood that their varicose veins will recur.

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