Varicose Veins Recurrence After Treatment

With the appropriate treatment, you should be able to eliminate your varicose veins and the painful and uncomfortable symptoms associated with them. However, even after treatment varicose veins sometimes reappear. Read on to learn more about why treatment might not permanently eliminate your varicose veins and what you can do about it.

Recurrence Rate of Varicose Veins

Even after treatment, some patients will develop varicose veins. Estimates range from between 5 and 15 percent, and includes veins that re-open and new veins that turn into varicose veins. Varicose veins can recur after both surgery and laser ablation, and recurrence can occur soon after treatment or years later.

Treating the Wrong Veins Can Cause Recurrence

It’s important to seek treatment from a doctor with extensive experience and knowledge diagnosing and treating varicose veins, so you know they have the in-depth understanding necessary to treat them properly. For example, the veins most notable of the surface might not be the source of the problem. Instead, veins deeper under the skin may be the ones with valve problems, and may be affecting other veins. To eliminate the varicose veins, it’s crucial to identify which veins are the problematic veins and treat them first. If the wrong veins are treated, the problem could just continue.

Improper Treatment Can Cause Varicose Vein Recurrence

Varicose vein recurrence may be caused simply by no receiving the appropriate treatment, or by undergoing a procedure that’s inadequate. If the diagnostic process is not thorough, the treatment may get rid of the varicose veins temporarily. But they will recur again and again. One of the most common problems is the sclerotherapy treatment or laser treatment of varicose veins without treating the underlying problem. In these cases, the therapy might be inadequate for the patient’s specific case, and varicose veins could develop again because the cause of the condition which is reflux of the vein was not eliminated or treated properly.

New Varicose Veins Can Develop

Treating varicose veins – even if treatment is successful – doesn’t mean that new varicose veins won’t occur. In face, veins and valves that were healthy at the time of treatment may later fail. This is simply a progression of the condition, and can’t be anticipated of prevented. You may need to seek additional treatment for valves that fail later and lead to he development of new varicose veins.

At Alpha Vein Clinic, we have extensive experience both in diagnosing varicose veins and developing a treatment plan customized for your specific situation. You can rest assured that your treatment will address the underlying causes of your varicose veins so that it’s effective. Make an appointment with us today so we can help you live varicose vein-free.

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