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Chronic Venous Insufficiency (CVI) is an overwhelmingly common occurrence in the United States. Arteries in the body carry blood from your heart to the rest of your body’s tissues. Veins then return blood from the rest of your body to your heart, to be reoxygenated and recirculated throughout the body. When venous disease is present and veins are inefficient, one way valves in vein walls fail to carry blood up the legs to the heart. This happens for a number of reasons including:

Family History- Research claims that if both of your parents had/have varicose veins you have a 90% chance of developing them as well. You are simply genetically predisposed to having weakened vein valves.

Gender- If you are a female, you have a higher chance of having CVI. Hormonal changes during pregnancy, premenstruation or menopause are risk factors because of the way female hormones weaken and expand vein walls. Pregnancy increases the volume of blood in your body, putting added pressure on veins. Gravity naturally puts immense pressure on the veins of the legs and during pregnancy, the baby and pelvic region adds to this intense pressure.

Lifestyle – Americans work longer hours than any other first world country’s citizens. Blood doesn’t flow efficiently if your body is in a stagnant position for long periods of time. If your occupation requires you to stand or sit for extended amounts of time, you could have a higher chance of developing varicose veins.

Age- As we grow older, our veins naturally weaken. Our veins lose elasticity and wear and tear on vein valves begin to take its toll. Blood will collect in the lower legs causing
legs to swell and veins to expand.

What You Can Do

Taking care of your health and well being can be beneficial to your circulation and overall vein health. Exercise like cardio and muscle building assist blood flow. Wearing compression stockings can reduce the symptoms of varicose veins and slow the progression of vein disease. However, since venous disease will continue to progress, it is recommended that if you have the signs and symptoms of venous insufficiency, you should see a vein physician and specialist for an evaluation and consultation.

Premiere Treatment Options

Alpha Vein Clinic offers Radiofrequency Ablation (RF) and the ClariVein procedure in our comfortable, warm office setting in Las Vegas. The RF Ablation procedure has many perks including the fact that it eliminates the need for groin surgery and general anesthesia. The procedure results in little to no scarring and is generally performed using local anesthesia. Treating your varicose veins with Radiofrequency Ablation has shown patients return to normal activity and work, significantly faster than those undergoing vein stripping. Results are also just as clinically and cosmetically excellent as with that of painful vein stripping.

ClariVein has no risk of heat, skin or nerve damage and includes further benefits like rapid return to normal activities and lack of pain. In fact, compared to other techniques, ClariVein has greatly reduced pain levels, discomfort and bruising. There is currently 2 year data on the effectiveness of the technique, which shows results at least as good as both laser and radio frequency ablation.

Serious Side Effects

Varicose veins are not only a cosmetic concern. Venous disease is progressive and the appearance of varicose veins could be the least of your worries if you allow this chronic condition to continue progressing. There is the possibility of leg ulcers, specifically known to occur near the ankles. The skin gives way to the pressure of excess blood, esulting in these gaping, open sores. Skin discoloration is also a concern. Usually, dark spots on the skin will form before an ulcer is developed. If you notice even slight skin discoloration, it’s important to seek a specialist’s opinion. Blood clots are also a very real possibility with vein disease. When blood fills the lower leg veins and the leg begins to swell, there could be a blood clot forming deep within the leg’s tissue.

Is My Insurance On Board?

Venous insufficiency causes pain and suffering, which treatment can relieve or eliminate. Therefore, almost all Non- HMO insurance companies cover the cost of the treatment. That being said, some insurance companies will ask patients to wear compression stockings for the weeks leading up to vein treatment. Begin planning for your procedure ahead of time by asking your provider if there are any specific requirements before vein treatment.

Alpha Vein Clinic accepts most insurance plans and is a preferred center for Sierra insurance products. Our caring staff would be happy to discuss any treatment or insurance concerns with you. Schedule an appointment to see our vein specialist and experienced physician, Dr. Sassan Kaveh. Dr. Kaveh will evaluate the condition of your veins and assist with a personalized treatment plan, just for you!

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