Vein Disease and Travel

Before heading out on your next summer vacation, let’s take a moment to talk about vein health and how travel can affect your legs. Whether you’ll be hitting the beach of taking a long flight to your destination you should be aware of how you can keep your vein disease symptoms in check.

If you are already suffering from vein disease, such as varicose veins, it is important to keep your veins in mind as you travel. Often times, traveling may include long periods of sitting or standing in line at various attraction sites. These situations can be painful for those who have varicose veins. Even if you don’t currently have vein disease, taking care of your veins during travel is a good way of avoiding future problems.

What You Can Do:

Get moving on the flight!

Sitting on an airplane for hours can be difficult for anyone, but it is especially hard on people with vein disease. When the seatbelt sign is off, get up and walk the aisle a few times during your flight. If getting up is not possible, lift your heel up and down to flex and release your calf muscle. Do this repeatedly throughout your flight to help pump blood in your lower legs back to your heart. If you’re traveling by car, try stopping periodically in a safe location for a brief stroll.

Dress comfortably!

Avoid wearing tight clothes that may impair your circulation. This includes pants that are very tight at the waist which increases pressure on the abdomen and hinders blood from properly being pumped back to you heart. The combination of this and sitting for extended periods of time is harmful to your veins. Wear loose comfortable clothing during your travels when possible.

Beware of hot water!

The only hot water you need during your vacation should be in your tea or coffee. Hot tubs and spas make veins dilate and can contribute to the weakening of vein walls. Take a cool dip in the pool instead!

Stay hydrated!

We all now the benefits of staying well-hydrated but this is especially important during travel when the temptation to indulge in sweets and alcoholic beverages can actually dehydrate your body. Drinking enough water is essential to you vein health so always keep a bottle of good old H2O close by.

Get elevated!

Travel and vacation are all usually about getting away from the stresses of life and taking it easy. This is a great time to take care of your vein health by keeping your legs and feel elevated while you relax. Whether you are catching up on your reading or just laying by the pool, you can give your veins some down time by propping your legs up with a few pillows. Elevating your feet above your heart (or even your head if feasible) can give your veins a much needed break from the effects of gravity to help your circulatory system move the blood from your legs more effectively.

If you’re currently experiencing symptoms of vein disease, which include pain, aching, cramping and heaviness in the lower legs and are preparing to travel this summer, it’s important to have your condition evaluated by a vein specialist prior to your departure. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Sassan Kaveh and his team, please call our offices today. We offer the latest, minimally invasive vein treatments available. Our schedulers can get you in as soon as possible to get you on your way to better leg vein health so you can enjoy symptoms free travel.

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