What Is Venous Insufficiency?

Venous insufficiency, also known as venous reflux, is a condition that develops when the veins in your legs become unhealthy or damaged. This causes blood to reflux or pool in your veins which leads to a number of uncomfortable symptoms such as leg pain, burning, itching, restless leg, heaviness and fatigue. When left untreated, venous reflux can lead to more significant clinical issues such as pain, chronic swelling, skin discoloration, thickening of the skin and ulceration. More than 30 million people in the U.S. are affected by this disease with only 1.9 million seeing treatment annually. This leaves the vast majority undiagnosed and untreated. Without treatment, those with the disease may experience progressive symptoms such as swollen legs, skin damage and/or ulcers that can be debilitating and significantly impact their quality of life.

When diagnosing venous insufficiency here at the Alpha Vein Clinic Las Vegas a duplex ultrasound is performed on the lower extremities to look at the diameter of the vein. Veins of certain diameters are considered abnormal and  treatment is needed. Also looked at under ultrasound is reflux or backflow of blood in the veins.  Individuals with known dilation, reflux and bothersome symptoms can benefit from treatment to their diseased veins by having them shut down.

Conservative treatment options like compression stockings, leg elevation, daily exercise, weight management and analgesics for pain can all be used for relief of symptoms. Although this will not fix the physiological problem at hand, these measures can help the individual manage their symptoms prior to treatment. In the end you will need to fix the underlying problem in the veins before you will really experience any relief.

There are a number of factors that contribute to chronic venous insufficiency, including pregnancy and heredity.

Although, there are potentially many reasons for leg pain, it is important to note that none are normal part of aging and, hence, need to be investigated.

Leg pain can be caused by abnormalities in muscles, bones, nerves or blood circulation. Most medical practitioners do a very good job investigating causes that relate to the bones, nerves, muscles and even the arterial circulation. A very common and agonizing cause of leg pain that is not well understood by most doctors is poor circulation of blood in the veins causing Chronic Venous Insufficiency (CVI). Here, at “Alpha Vein Clinic Las Vegas” we are very conscientious and aggressive to evaluate all potential causes of leg pain, especially Chronic Venous Insufficiency, that may have been missed in the past.

Minimally Invasive Treatments:

Today, there are a number of minimally invasive treatment options that are covered by many insurance plans. While treatments like compression stockings are often first prescribed to manage symptoms, there are a variety of treatments that can actually treat the diseased veins to eliminate varicose veins or leg pain and improve your quality of life and halt the progression of (CVI).

Endovenous Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA):

Endovenous thermal ablation is a minimally invasive treatment that involves the insertion of a thin, flexible tube called a catheter into a diseased vein to seal it shut using heat. Blood that would normally return toward the heart through these veins will then travel through other veins instead. Over time the treated vein shrinks and is absorbed by the body. Compared with surgical options like ligation and vein stripping, endogenous (RF) ablation results in less pain and quicker recovery time.

The Venefit™ procedure is the only minimally invasive segmental radiofrequency (RF) ablation treatment that utilizes radiofrequency energy to provide an even and uniform heat to contract the collagen in the vein walls, causing them to collapse and seal. Offered by Alpha Vein Clinic Las Vegas,once a leg vein is closed, blood flow is redirected to healthy veins.

The Venefit procedure allows for a quick, comfortable recovery and a return to everyday activities, while also improving the appearance of varicose veins.

MechanoChemical Ablation (MOCA):

(MOCA) is the most recent technique that has been developed to treat venous reflux. It is now covered by most insurances including Medicare. (MOCA) uses Clarivein Catheter which is so advanced that uses no heat and hence requires no numbing anesthetic. It is the most comfortable and the safest technique available to treat (CVI) in the world today. If you are experiencing leg pain or even have noticeable vein problems such as varicose or spider veins it is time you give us a call here at the Alpha Vein Clinic Las Vegas at (702) 430 7661. We have a solution to all your leg and vein problems don’t wait! Make your appointment today!

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