How Vein Treatment in Las Vegas Can Improve Your Quality of Life

It is estimated that up to 50% of American adults have some form of venous disease. If you happen to be one of them, vein treatments can greatly help to improve your life in many ways. Unsightly varicose veins, painful and swollen legs and ankles, the constant aching and cramping….all of this can have a major impact on your daily activities. Read on to learn more about how vein treatment in Las Vegas can improve your life.

You will feel better

Varicose veins are uncomfortable and can prevent you from fully living your life. Before the onset of varicose veins, walking and performing everyday activities was normal. Once you’ve experienced the heaviness, tiredness and fatigue that varicose veins causes, then you know that it’s time to treat them. Some people think it’s a natural part of getting older to experience discomfort in your legs. More than likely, if you have any of the following sensations in your legs, it could be a result of a vein disease. These can include aching, heaviness, fatigue, tiredness, pain, itching, cramping, throbbing and a burning sensation in or on your legs. Another common symptom of vein disease may keep you from enjoying your favorite activities: swollen legs & ankles. Swollen legs & ankles leave you able to do little but collapse on the couch after a long day of work. Vein disease treatment relieves this swelling by sealing off problematic veins. Your body will reroute blood to healthier vessels, eliminating swelling and keeping you much more comfortable.

You will look better

Legs are one of the most common areas that varicose veins form and those who suffer wear long pants and any other clothing to cover the affected areas. After your vein treatment, showing off your legs will not longer be an issue. Wear shorts, skirts and let your lovely skin show. The cosmetic relief is a great side effect of vein treatment! Finally, you can regain the confidence you had in your youth without any fear of showing your legs anymore.

Prevent future complications

Covering up and dealing with other vein disease symptoms are reason enough for many to seek vein treatment. However, those who put off treatment may be setting themselves up for further related complications. If left untreated, vein disease can lead to other, more potentially dangerous conditions. Poor blood flow from insufficient veins can put you at risk for blood clots including DVT (deep vein thrombosis). Untreated vein disease can also lead to uncomfortable and hard to heal venous ulcers on the legs and ankles. In many cases, the only way to completely clear up a venous ulcer is to treat the underlying issue of vein disease.

Boost your activity and overall health

Varicose veins are painful and can cause swelling, bruising and other painful sensations in the legs and body. Consequently, getting vein treatment will get rid of that pain. When your legs are in pain from bulging veins, it’s difficult to remain active and this means that you often avoid physical activities. Running, walking, playing sports, or playing with your children can be overwhelming. Once you’ve treated the diseased veins, these activities will no longer be painful. In conclusion, everything you wanted to participate in will be possible. When painful varicose veins lowered overall physical activity, weight gain happens quickly and can be difficult to manage. After treatment you can be more active without the pain of varicose veins therefore physical activity can become a regular part of your life.

Here at Alpha Vein Clinic in Las Vegas, we take pride in helping our patients improve their quality of life. Our trusted and beloved physician, Dr Sassan Kaveh, takes time in assessing each patient’s specific symptoms and needs. Your evaluation includes doppler ultrasound imaging to accurately identify the diseased veins that require treatment. Our minimally invasive treatments include Radiofrequency Ablation and ClariVein. Both procedures are done on an outpatient basis and require little recovery time. We will have you back to your old self before you know it! Call Alpha Vein Clinic today at (702) 430-7661 to set up an appointment at our conveniently located clinic in Las Vegas. Let us finally help you take the first step in improving your quality of life!

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