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With FALL approaching, which is also travel and vacation season, more people will be spending their time on planes and sitting in cars, buses and other modes of travel. Being immobile for long periods – especially 4 hours or more – can exacerbate existing vein problems such as varicose veins, and even cause other serious health issues. If you plan on traveling this vacation season and anticipate it being 4 hours or more, plan to take steps to protect your legs and veins during these long journeys. The following tips will show you how to travel with defected veins.


Can I fly with Varicose Veins?


The question comes up regularly, probably because of the rare occurrence of blood clotting called deep vein thrombosis (DVT) that is seen in some people after a long flight. (DVT) during air travel is a threat during long flights over more than three or four hours – especially if you stay in your seat the whole time. If you walk the aisles a few times this will help greatly. People at risk of (DVT) and other vein problems can suffer from these issues if they sit too long anywhere, including in front of the television or while driving. But varicose veins by themselves won’t prevent you from flying!


Can I fly after Varicose Vein Treatments?


After your varicose veins are treated, you should be able to do any normal activity within a few days, including flying. .

Tips for flying with varicose veins:

If you are planning to travel by air after vein treatments, you should of course walk up and down the aisles every so often. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. Consider wearing compression hose to further prevent blood from pooling in your lower legs. For those whose vein procedure was extensive, you might postpone a flight for two to four weeks after the treatment. If you have concerns, you can schedule an ultrasound after varicose vein removal to make sure your legs are in good shape. And come talk to us here at Alpha Vein Clinic about your travel schedule especially if you have any history or other risk factors for clotting. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Sassan Kaveh and his dedicated team, please call our office at (702)-430-7661.




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