Your Vein, Our Pain!

Life can be hectic. Everyday we have appointments, schedules and routines. Living day in and day out with the leg pain, swelling, fatigue and cramping that occurs with vein disease can make it strenuous just to focus on daily goals. At Alpha Vein Clinic, we believe that seeking treatment will substantially improve your life. In the meantime, our caring staff tries to make the transition from leg vein disease to a healthy happy you, as seamless as possible.

At our clinic in Las Vegas, you will be greeted warmly with knowledgeable staff that understand what you’ve been through with vein disease. Our physician, Dr. Sassan Kaveh, is happy to answer any questions you may have and explain to you the process of the procedures, so that you can feel completely at ease. A patient of ours, Norma S. says of her time at our clinic, “I have had a very pleasant, warm and professional experience. The staff is very friendly and ready to do what it takes to make you feel comfortable. I would recommend this office to anyone who needs vein procedures.”

Our Physician

Dr. Sassan Kaveh is trained in the newest procedures in vein treatment. He is one of the only physicians in Nevada who performs the Clarivein procedure. This is so that his patients know that the treatment they are receiving is the absolute best available. Another patient, Shelli B. shared, “Dr. Sassan Kaveh and his staff are amazing! My vein procedures are only half way through and I have tears of joy. Not only are they all the most comforting and knowledgeable group I’ve ever dealt with but they have the most advanced technology and modern approach to treating varicose veins.”

Insurance concerns

Questions about insurance are common with medical treatments. Venous insufficiency is a medical condition. Treatment is encouraged, and most insurance companies recognize this. In fact, almost all Non- HMO insurance companies cover the cost of the treatment. We are a preferred center for Sierra insurance products. The Clarivein procedure is covered by Medicare, Aetna, BCBS and Coventry, and we accept VA patients with an approved referral. The radiofrequency ablation procedure is covered by most insurance companies. Our staff will make sure to check your coverage before your initial visit so that there will be no unexpected costs. Our insurance specialist works diligently to ensure that your insurance does their part.

After the procedure

Many patients have concerns about what to expect after their procedures. They ask questions such as, “When will I be able to go back to work?” or “Will there be pain afterward?” Alpha Vein Clinic will be happy to provide all of the answers that will set your mind at ease. For a few weeks after the procedure, there will be noticeable improvements in your symptoms. However, we do recommend patients refrain from strenuous activity like heavy lifting or standing for prolonged periods of time. A regular walking routine is advised after treatment to assist healthy blood flow. You will be pleasantly surprised to know that your pain will be minimal and your recovery time will be short. Our staff will set up post-treatment appointments including in-office ultrasounds of your legs to make sure that everything is going smoothly in the few months following your procedure. Julie W., another patient of Alpha Vein Clinic comments, “What a wonderful experience I had! I was expecting some pain with my vein procedure but experienced none. In fact, I couldn’t believe when they said, “You’re done.” The outcome has been great. No more leg cramps! High praise is what I have for Dr. Kaveh and his staff. I highly recommend Alpha Medical Group.”

We understand how life can be with vein disease. We know that treatments can help. Come to Alpha Vein Clinic in Las Vegas for the latest in minimally invasive vein procedures and we will do all we can to make your experience comfortable and easy. Sit back and let your veins be our pain!

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